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bodyWe offer a wide variety of auto body and paint services designed to keep your automobile in tip-top shape. Your vehicle is a major investment, and Alex Glanzer understands that you work hard to keep it in good condition. But he also understands that unforeseen events can happen to anyone.


It’s like the Farmer’s Insurance commercials–you think you’re the first person to swerve to miss hitting a crazy drunk driver after the annual school reunion and run into a fire hydrant? You’re not. We’ve seen it. We understand. Accidents happen to the best of us!


Car repairs, especially body work, can be expensive. At Dick’s Garage, we work with all major insurance companies to keep costs down and make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.


So go ahead–let Alex’s expertise and years of experience go to work for you. He will have your vehicle looking like new again before you can say “that tree came out of nowhere, I swear!” Call to schedule your appointment today.